Search Tips

  Searching a site like ours can be at times, tough or frustrating at best.  Here are a few tips we hope will help you find what you are looking for.

Tip #1:  Use more broad search terms.  If you type "8th infantry division cap" you will not get much of a result, however if you enter "8th" you will be sure to get ALL results (to include 8th ID hats) and be able to better see the selection available.

Tip #2:  Still using 8th Infantry Division for an example, we have seen it many different ways (8ID, 8th Inf, 8thinf, 8 ID, 8th Div) and if we don't have it the way it is typed you won't see the results you are looking for.

Tip #3:  Searching designation type numbers like VMGR-352 or CV-63 need to be searched with and without the hyphen, or all together like VMGR-352, VMGR 352 and VMGR352 to get the best change to see what is on the site.

Tip #4:  Sometimes we don't have it and there can be a multitude of reasons like our suppliers just don't make or have it, they have it but it's very poor quality, or the last is that there were not enough people in the unit to justify making 1000+ items.  The last doesn't diminish the unit or the fact that you are proud to have served in it, it means if the item can't support the possibility of selling they won't make it.  Simple business of supply and demand.

Tip #5:  If you absolutely cannot find an item, drop an email and we will see if we can assist.  Please allow us a couple days to research but we will get back to you.


Rod Truitt
MSgt USMC Retired
Hat n' Patch

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