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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q:  Do you do customized hats with embroidery?
A:   We do not have an embroidery machine to custom embroider hats.

Q:  Can you make custom patches?
A:   Yes, however not in quantities less than 25, the higher the quantity the lower the price per patch would be. Normal orders are for 100 or more per design.

Q:  How do I iron this patch on?
A:   Use a regular iron, HIGH heat (no steam) and apply pressure for 20-30 seconds then allow to cool before moving.  It is also recommended you cover the patch with some other thin material like a layer of t-shirt.  ONLY iron onto fabric, NOT FOR LEATHER!  Leather needs to be sewn.  Also, if the patch is being put on denim motorcycle riding apparel it needs to be sewn also.