Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q:  Do you do customized hats with embroidery?
A:   We do not have an embroidery machine to custom embroider hats.

Q:  Can you make custom patches?
A:   Yes, however not in quantities less than 25, the higher the quantity the lower the price per patch would be. Normal orders are for 100 or more per design.

Q:  How do I iron this patch on?
A:   Use a regular iron, HIGH heat (no steam) and apply pressure for 20-30 seconds then allow to cool before moving.  It is also recommended you cover the patch with some other thin material like a layer of t-shirt.  ONLY iron onto fabric, NOT FOR LEATHER!  Leather needs to be sewn.  Also, if the patch is being put on denim motorcycle riding apparel it needs to be sewn also.

Q:  Is this stuff made in the USA?
A:  The majority are made overseas just like YOUR phone, computer, TV, refrigerator, and the list goes on. Your Levis and shoes are made overseas, sold by American companies who hire American employees to assemble, pack, ship and pay their taxes to the IRS. We do have some items that are made in the USA, and if it is it is annotated in the listing.