Special Orders - Hats and patches

   Currently our special orders are limited to t-shirts, patches and hats with patches. Below explains how to get each of them done.

  We are also exploring the possibility of pins, decals and coins, though not at this time.  Once we have secured any of these we will announce it through our newsletter so make sure you are a subscriber.

  Since we moved our site to this new platform on 13 March 2019, we have had 27 requests for customer Ship Hats and all 27 are either made or being made with more weekly.  Read more below to find how to get yours made.

US Navy and USCG Ship patches and hats

  We do understand the pride of serving on a ship and also appreciate the desire to be able to wear YOUR ship which is exceptionally hard to find as the suppliers and manufacturers seem to only be interested in the very large carriers.  We however, DO UNDERSTAND the pride of wearing your unit or ship so we will make literally any ship you have ever served aboard. This is IDEAL for reunions or clubs/groups.  How is this possible?  To get the patches made requires a substantial monetary investment by us (we are required to order multiple patches, not just 1) and understanding that you will need to also get some 'skin in the game' we will need you to make a purchase of at least 2 hats OR 3 patches (normally $21 per hat, $13 per patch) for the ship. Minor price increase since COVID shipping and labor issues from supplier. The process takes from 4-8 weeks to get the patch made, and possibly longer as there is much art work required to create the correct ship profile for the patch. So here is how this process will work:

1.  Send an email to with the subject of Special Order Ship Hat and in the body of the email the full name of the ship as well as the hull designation while you were aboard (i.e. DDG-83, CA-74..) so we can create a link on our site.

2.  Within 2 business days we email you after well create a 'blank listing' with your ship and hull number for you to place your order.  If you only want the patches, make sure to let us know in the email and you will be REQUIRED to order either 2 hats OR 3 patches for us to make the financial commitment to place the order with the manufacturer.

3.  Once you have placed your order we will put the order for the patch to be made and once it arrives we will send you an email letting you know it was shipped.  Again, please be aware that this process WILL take 4-8 weeks to complete.

Unit and other patches

  We also have the ability to make other than just ship patches.  We can create unit as well as other patches, either military or civilian patches for clubs, businesses or whatever when a patch would be needed. Looking for the patch you wore in-country and have never been able to find again?  We have your answer here.

   It is a bit different than with the ship patches as there is no price pre-established as prices vary dramatically with size, percentage of stitching coverage and number of colors needed for the patch. So a smaller 2-3 color 3" round patch would be much less than a 8" patch with 6-8 colors.

  Our patch maker REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF 25 patches OF EACH DESIGN be ordered, PERIOD!  If you are looking for just a couple we are not the company to get that done and apologize, there are many others out there who could do 'one off' patches, the company we use does not.  The per patch price is substantially higher than for 100, and the more the better the price, normally in increments of 100.  Our orders are in 25, 50 or 100+ patches.  UPDATE 1 APRIL 23 - CURRENTLY, WE CAN ONLY DO ORDERS FOR 100 AS OUR SMALL BATCH PATCH MAKER IS NO LONGER DEPENDABLE.

  Considerations.  There are a few things we will need to know before we can submit the patch for a quote.  The minimum would be actual size (if other than round actual measurements at tallest and widest points), backing type (iron-on or velcro), edging (stitched or laser cut) and number of patches needed.  We normally only quote in 100 unless otherwise requested.  Here is how the process will work:

1.  You will send us an email with an accurate and clear image of the design with the following information:
Backing Type:
Edge Type:
Number Needed:
  Send to with the subject of Patch Quote Request with ALL of the information.

2.  Within about a week we will receive the quote and will email the results for you to make your decision.  Should you decide to order the patch, we will email you a link with a 'blank listing' with your patch you will be required to make a 50% deposit for us to place the order with the patch maker to start the order.  The patches will take 3-6 weeks to be completed.

3.  Once we receive the patches from the manufacturer, we will email you to complete the order with another link for the remaining 50% plus shipping for the order to be shipped. 

 Special Order (or unit request) T-Shirts

We have partnered with RNBWERX to have our designs put on t-shirts (other items like mouse pads, coasters and much more) or to be able to do single one-off t-shirts or one not listed with exception of Marine Corps t-shirts as they require design approval for EACH INDIVIDUAL design and the process is tedious at best so we won't be doing them. So here's what we would need:

1.  SPECIFIC unit, and larger high quality images.  Most Instamatic photos from Vietnam probably won't work, the image needs to be of good quality and detail. 

2.  Email to with what you would like (we can find many of the units), how many shirts you would be wanting and PLEASE DO NOT send an image until we ask for one. 

3.  The price will depend on how much editing or design work will be required, once we have agreed to do your request, have the image to see how much time it will take to get it 'Print Ready' (if we can) we will send a quote and proceed from there.  All orders will required a 50% pre-production payment to start the process.

Sorry this is only the beginning and we will streamline the process more and more as we move forward.  Your business is appreciated here and make sure you have signed up for our monthly newsletter, we ALWAYS have specials and discounts for your use.