Can't find it?

  If you can't find what you are looking for let us know and we will see if we can find it.  We have access to lots of actual ship crest patches, Army crest patches and much more.  If you have an image you can send with the email that is preferred so we have a reference to make sure we are finding the right thing. Also include the unit info like 2nd Bn 12th Marines and the time frame you were affiliated.  If your item is NOT listed on the site, we will add it with an image and information, email you for the order.  Once you have ordered and paid for the item we will order the item from the supplier.  Shipping for these special request patches will be 2-3 weeks from the date ordered until shipment.

  Since we opened this site on 13 March 2019 we have had 11 patch requests (not hat patches) and have found 8 of them.  Give us a try, you already don't have it so not much to lose. 

  Once you send a special request, please allow up to 7 days for a response but we will respond whether we can or can't find your item.

Just let us know.   Email